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Professional Practitioner Training
Traditional Feng Shui
Professional Practitioner Training in Traditional Feng Shui


Who should attend:

1.         Any one who has ever thought about being a Professional Feng Shui consultant.

2.         Any one who would like to have the skills to do a Professional Feng Shui reading for themselves, friends and family.

3.         Anyone who simply wants to know what Traditional Feng Shui is all about and wants simple, direct answers to their questions.


This class is professional vocational training, on how do to a Professional Feng Shui Reading, step by step, from beginning to end.


All questions will be answered completely, to the best of the instructor's ability.


Most classes are taught in a private home where you experience real world situations, and learn real world solutions first hand!


All classes are small and private.  No student left behind!


This class is taught with two intentions:


1.         If you only want to take one Feng Shui class in your life, this is it!

2.         If you want to study with Chinese Masters, you need to take this class first!


Class location:

1.         Southern California.

2.         Anywhere where 3 or more students want to learn.


Class fee: $1,000 US



1.         Professional Feng Shui Sighting Compass ($100 value)

2.         Advanced Feng Shui Calculator software for PC ($100 value)

3.         Advanced Professional Flip Charts ($38 value)

4.         Complete Class documentation (Priceless)


Class length: 4 days


What you will learn:


What is Feng Shui.
The Tai Chi.

Yin and Yang.

How to determine the Sitting and Facing of Modern Commercial and residential properties.

8 Mansion House Directions.

Determining Best Areas of a House.

The Yellow River Tu Horse.

The Lo River Turtle.

How take a compass reading.

How to Analyze the environment for best location and direction.

External environmental factors.

Internal environmental factors.

Five Element Theory and How it effects People.

8 Mansion Feng Shui.

Determine your best directions for work, study and sleep.

24 Mountain Feng Shui.

Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui.

The Meaning of Numbers.

Annual and Monthly Numbers.

Advance Number Theory and Remedies.

Water Placement Feng Shui.

How to do a professional Traditional Feng Shui reading, step by step from beginning to end.

How to put it all together, the environment, the theories, the methods.

What to do when you can't figure out what to do!

About the instructor:

Dr. Rob has studied with many of the best known Chinese Feng Shui Masters, and is known worldwide as a professional Feng Shui consultant and educator with over 30 years of college level teaching experience.


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