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So you have taken some classes in Feng Shui, and you want to become a Professional Consultant. What's the next step? OUR CAREER CLASS OF COURSE!!Become one of several professionals who have taken our class and have gone on to great careers. Feel confident when you speak and know that you are a professional. Your client will see and feel the confidence and want you as their Feng Shui Consultant. Feng Shui Masters, Inc. will teach you this and more. Our course includes case studies, field trips and actual client consultations. Classes are small so that each person receives the maximum attention for questions and answers. Students then have fun creating lasting friendships and networking connections. The Career class course helps answer many questions on how to get a business started and is designed for maximum information in a easy-to-understand and usable way.



Will review all schools so that each will be familiar with the styles and understand the importance of integration.DAY TWO:By using the knowledge of each school, students will learn how to prepare for a consultation which includes what to bring, say and wear.Students are given the opportunity to follow the Master Teacher as he does a consultation of a home.DAY THREE:The knowledge of the Chinese Animal signs and the compatibilities is a valuable tool when working with clients. Students will learn the meanings and the importance of Day Selection.Student will go to a client's apartment. They will have to create a floor plan and analysis.DAY FOUR: Students have the advantage of learning additional ancient Chinese tools to add to their skills.Ba-Zi Fortune Telling & Date Selection Zi Wei Dou Shu Ten-Year Luck Cycles Student will use the combined knowledge to analyze a mansion.


Dowsing & Space Clearing Find the hidden health problems and clear negative energy.Student will work on a retail business and find the auspicious store.DAY SIX: Palmistry & Face Reading Your face mirrors your soul; your palms are the maps of your destiny.Field Trip ConsultationAn actual consultation appointment where you are the consultant. Students are given the opportunity to conduct a consultation with the teacher's consent. DAY SEVEN:  Creating your business,  What the advantages and disadvantages are of starting your own business and the difference of joining our Feng Shui Masters, Inc. team.Students review a mall and work on a floor plan.DAY EIGHT:  Final Exam, Review and Graduation Dinner. All students will be given a Certificate of Completion after attending the course.

Feng Shui Masters, Inc. Intern Program


 Feng Shui Masters, Inc. offers the opportunity to join their team of qualified consultants by becoming an Intern. With Feng Shui Masters Intern Program you have the support of our experienced and knowledgeable Feng Shui Masters consultants backing you when you are on a consultation. Advertising is created through Feng Shui Masters, Inc., and you as a Feng Shui Masters Intern are included in client appointments thus gaining field experience and an increase in knowledge. You also have the advantage of an office person answering calls, in addition to our website and email that is available for your use. This is a great way to learn the business and launch your career.

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