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Environmental & Personal Clearing


Carol Okuda, a principal of Feng Shui Masters and a Master Dowser, offers dowsing services. Carol can adjust both the client's environmental and personal energy fields for the most beneficial results. Depending on the client's needs, she is also available to do either environmental or personal clearings by itself.
What Is Dowsing?

Dowsing is a procedure to locate energies that are not detected through conventional methods. These energies are located and cleared to help the people living in the environment. It is more sophisticated than the ancient practice of finding sites to drill for underground water..

The Dowser uses his or her mind, body and special tools to detect these energies and then clear the disturbances. These tools are the pendulum and metal L-rod. The clearings can be conducted in person or from a distance.

Environmental Clearing

Carol Okuda, using Dowsing techniques, can identify the following:
Disturbances in the energies of the earth and/or buildings,
such as energy from underground water and geological
Disturbances of metaphysical origin, such as negative thoughts or
past trauma experienced by former or current occupants
Disturbances from technology, such as power lines,
antennas and cell phone towers.
Once a disturbance is identified, Carol Okuda will clear the negative energy and shield the client from its effects for an extended period of time. Typically, energies that need to be shielded are those of the earth and those from technology. A yearly check-up is recommended to reinforce these shields.

After the environment has been cleared, the energy fields of the people and pets living in this area will be cleared to prevent the environment from returning to its previous state.

Personal Clearing

The personal clearing helps release old beliefs, patterns, and wounds and will help to restore balance and harmony to the individual's energy field. This personal energy clearing is critical in maintaining the positive energy in the client's environment.

Contact Information

Carol Okuda can be contacted at 888-328-6118 or by e-mail, carol@fengshuimasters.org

See Service and Fee Schedule details.

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