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shows the three main lines on the palm - Heaven, Earth and Man or Heart, Vitality and Head respectively. Included is the Family which comes from the edge of the palm just below the little finger. Some call this the Marriage line, but the Chinese term is more appropriate, because the state of a man's marriage affects his family reputation. There may be one line or more, or no lines at all. I have put in three for illustration - the lowest line means fairly early marriage, the line above it a slightly later marriage, and the top line a still later marriage. This does not mean the man will have three marriages. It merely means he has three chances of marriage, and the best line gives him the best marriage. Each line corresponds to a certain age of the man's life. The lowest line is roughly the age of 25 or below, the next line is about 35 and the top line is 41 and after. We shall see later what are good or bad lines.

Figure 37 shows the Fate line [line 1] rising straight up the palm and penetrating into the first joint of the middle finger. A single line like this is not a good sign if there is nothing to modify it. It can mean nothing really goes well in life according to plan, and more seriously in middle age or old age the person may suffer from severe headaches or some other sicknesses difficult to cure. However, if there are branches, auxiliary lines, going to different points on the palm, the situation will be different:
1. A line to Kun [Mercury] means luck comes only in middle or old age. Nothing goes smoothly in early life.
2. A line to the Nameless finger [Apollo] means a good wife capable of guarding wealth, success in old age and windfalls.
3. A line to Xun [Jupiter] means power and wealth.
4. A line to Zhen [Lower Mars] means love of pre-eminence but loser all the time, and the wife is often sick.
5. A line to Qian [Moon mount] means no help from the eldest son, damage to father and ancestral properties, hard work and confused thinking. The only good thing here is intelligence and skill.
6. A line to Dui [Upper Mars] means many sicknesses and not fortunate in the use of people.
If the Fate line rises from Gen [Venus], [line 2] and goes to the base of the middle finger with branches at the beginning as shown, it means nothing goes smoothly in business in early life on account of lack of seriousness in planning. It is also harmful to father and mother. There is a great deal of travelling hither and thither. There is also excessive emotions and sexuality. Only the presence of a Sun line in this situation will modify it to success in middle and old age.

Figure 63 is a severed or chopped palm where the Man and the Heaven lines join as one right across the palm. By itself, as a simple severed palm, it is a sign of obstinacy and simple mindedness. If there is a "leaking" sign attached to it at the centre of the palm, it means early success but middle age failure. It is a harmful sign to the wife, and not possible to have both parents living. The person is a pessimist, and often fluctuates between obstinacy and softness. If instead of the "leaking" sign, there is a straight line running from the base of the palm [see dotted line], either stopping at the joined line or piercing it, such a palm is extremely valuable, and most advantageous to persons whose profile belongs to the Gold element. It also suits persons belonging to the Water or Fire element, but less advantageous than the Gold person. If the line does not pierce the joined line, the person has either great position or glory and prosperity. If it pierces the joined line, the person will surely achieve the position. of a duke.

Figure 67 shows three types of signs, namely the Number sign #, the triangle and the square or rectangle. The Number sign # is good. If there is a combination of two or more of this sign it is better still. It means prosperity among all relatives and outstanding intelligence. If the sign is clear and straight it is wealth and high office combined. If it occurs at the Kan, the Li and centre positions of the palm, it means great wealth and very high office. If it occurs at the Kun, Xun, Zhen and Dui positions it is medium blessing and wealth. A triangle at the Kan position means committing theft. A triangle at Kun means pessimism although capable. A triangle at the centre of the palm means both fame and prosperity. One at Xun ^ means wealth and high office. One at Li means holding power. All signs must be clear to be effective. A square at the Gen position is called the Coffin sign, a sure sign of death if it is white like a white board. In the centre of the palm, if a rectangle, it is called the Heavenly Seal, a symbol of great power, turning dangers to advantages, giving good impressions and exuding friendship all round. Has ability and intelligence. A square on the Man line is good. Its presence at a point where there is a dangerous sign defuses the danger.

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