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CHEUNG Kwong Yin has been studying the 1-Ching, the book of change, for over 20 years. His interest in the subject dates from early school days when he discovered that scientific phenomena goes much deeper than causality: day-to-day causes and effects.

CHEUNG Kwong Yin

To popularize the subject and share his knowledge on the I-Ohing as a tool for prediction and self-empowerment, for the first time ever, the 64 hexagrams of the 1-Ching are represented as Tarot Cards in colorful traditional Chinese folk art. His other works include the I-Ching Pictorial Guide, the Fung Shui Handbook and, his most recent work, THE EMPEROR'S STARGATE-the English version of Zei Wei Dou Shou.

As a reader on soul and destiny. Cheung uses both the Stargate and I-Ching to unlock the secrets of destiny to pro­vide inspiring answers to questions on wishes, loves, blockages, etc. Additionally, guidance 10 using the Stargate Chan and 1-Ching larol will be included to start you on the road to self-interpretation and empowerment.

Emperpe Stargate

Zi Wei Dou Shu is one of ancient China's many divinatory schools — so accurate that it has yet not to astound anyone who has had her life's secrets unlocked using this method.

Stars Chart

A Birih Chart is drawn up which consists of 12 houses. Where and at what time the stars fall into these houses at the time of birth tell the story of an entire lifetime. On a grander scale, events are told at different ages. Answers to specific questions can be attained by studying the star's groupings of the time.

You can also view 10-year periods — a sort of a broadband cjuick summary of each period of one's lifetime. It is a universal law that a perfect life does not exist. A 'superior' lifetime will have its troughs; a life fraught with hardships will undoubtedly have its share of peaks. The 10-year periods broadly define (hese. According to the exact time of birth, (he intricate calculations of the Emperor's Stargate come into play and the various stars are laid out among the 12 houses. Each of these houses can hold several stars, each complementing the others. Stars from the opposite house also exert a direct influence as do those at 120°. Each 10-yearperiod will hold a combination of stars, making up the overall karma of that period.

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